Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Honestly, I'm quite disappointed. Not only in myself, but in the result of my 20 Time project. Edward and I have lost contact regarding the project, so I do not know where he is at. This journey had the plot of a fictional story. I was  in the rising action phase, then I leaped over the climax and am now in an eternal falling action. I apologize if this post is a little longer than usual. My process reminds me of the Journey of the Hero unit that we studied in class, except the hero never prevails.

I was at the point where I actually made contact with someone from Play60 which I've been trying to do for about 2 years. The excitement was so overwhelming that I read a dictionary before every e-mail I sent. She was ready to send t-shirts for myself and nine other peers. That was when my progress which seemed like and unstoppable force hit the brick wall that became the immovable object. I never thought that finding ten people to participate would be so difficult. My plan was to gather 8 people besides Edward and I and make a video or take a picture of Central's participation in the NFL Play60 movement. I don't know if the offer is still on the table, but little hope is left in my heart for this project. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Odyssey of the Athlete

   The title of this blog post is the same one from my 20 Time Research Paper on my career choice. This might put into your mind that I'm just too lazy to think of a creative title, but I really thought about this one. From now on, my decisions do not just alter things in the moment. They now have a rippling effect on things in the near to distant future. There is another paper we are writing about a favored character we studied throughout this semester and I had chosen Odysseus. I feel as though, his life reflects much of modern day life in a figurative sense. He is a Greek hero, hence the title, the Odyssey of the Athlete. Now, I understand this is miles off topic so I'll talk about what is meant to be said.
   The research I conducted on my career choice could potentially be helpful to those who share the same thirst for physical activity and sports as I do. Perhaps, it will inform people on what the path of an athlete looks like and what they consider when playing their sport. My research could expand the knowledge of ignorant minds that may have waited until it was too late to find all this information. My passion may be a common one, but I how passionate I am is quite different.
   Recently, I have completed a rough draft of my research paper. It was quite easy as I did the outline from some time ago. The most I had to do was copy and paste the information I've had on lay-away so to speak and put the knowledge I have gained in a sensible order. Over the remainder of the semester I will be trying to at least make some sort of physical interaction with Play60 whether it will be participation in a campaign or something of the sort. If Ms. Piano is reading this, I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you, not replying with the t-shirt information. I apologize for my wordy blog post this week as well. Thank you to those who actually read this whole thing.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What the Future Holds

  In regards to my passion, I could take a limited amount of careers. Some more reliable than others. My passion, as you know already is a physical activity. I realized my passion around 6th grade and have been stuck on it ever since. I could become a professional athlete. In fact, my ultimate dream in life is to become an NFL & MLB player from 10-16 seasons. For me to experience that goal, I would need to put all my work into that. It all starts now, but I do keep in mind of my academic needs, which will help me advance towards my professional goals.
   I could also take my passion towards Atheltic or physical training. It's a perfect conciliation for my passion. It involves an intense amount of physical activity, working with people, and a god pay. Depending on the area I choose, my pay roll would vary. The only fault I find in this is that I don't quite enjoy physical or athletic training as much I do playing actual sports. The problem with being a professional athlete would be the uncertainty and unreliability of such a career. Whatever may happen, I hope it's positive.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lessons Learned

   This 20 Time project has taught me various lessons and further developed my literary and people skills. 20 Time has also helped me hurdle my procrastination problem. I have found that procrastination is somewhat premature in a sense. Before,  a student would miss a homework assignment and the teacher would an extra day or someone assist you with work or certain tasks. If I had procrastinated as much as I have in the past with 20 Time, I would've been in some deep trouble. Through 20 Time I have definitely matured. 
   Managing your time is an essential habit we need in the future. Doing work, running errands, making plans, even cleaning the house has to do with time management. 20 Time does not just teach academic skills. I will need the experience I've gained through 20 Time in various aspects of my life, such as the job environment and college. I will also need to develop better public speaking skills so I can strive towards being a more individual person, which I can do with 20 Time. Below is a link to the NFL Play60 website.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pitch Day

   Friday was Pitch Day as some of you may be aware of. Edward and I did better than expected. The parents feedback filled us with enough confidence to continue on with our idea. During our presentation we talked about our discoveries, the process, and how we utilized our passions to create one project. I felt really professional on Friday and I think 20 Time has really matured me.
   I am able to talk to my superiors a little easier now, even though I never really had trouble with it before. What might have helped as well was the characters that did attend our presentations were not very intimidating. I was able to look them in the eye for the majority of our presentation. 20 Time has been a beneficial experience.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


   Edward and I have progressed quite a bit during this 20 time project. However, not yet having a meeting or even a response from an authority has been holding us back from going too far into this project. Our official "Pitch Day", as Mrs. Anderson put it, occurs on November 1st and we are indeed prepared for that. This is what I pretty much expected to happen with Play60 because of the amount of work and time it takes in reality to actually get this to happen.
   Edward and I have completed our "Pitch Day" assignment, and are ready to present with some practice. We have not yet been able to meet Mr. Hamme, our principal, but that will change soon enough. Even, something like that should've have been done ages ago, I believe it would be premature to categorize Edward and I as late or behind.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contacting The Authority

At the time I'm typing this blog, I've recently sent the e-mail so I haven't gotten a response at the moment. Partway through this blog I might possibly get a response, but nothing is certain due to size of the organization I contacted as I'm almost certain they've got a handful. It is football season after all. I did, however, send them an e-mail and sign up for their ambassador program. I stated that I would appreciate their participation in my 20 Time project and what is was about. I was as formal as possible.
   I do not have a copy of what was said in the e-mail, but I do admit that I failed to mention my blog the happenings of my blog. I plan on contacting them again via e-mail and will leave my cell information this time as well to give them another option of contact. In my second contact that I will attempt with them after my blog post, I will talk about my blog and fill in any gaps I left out in the previous e-mail.